Warning for Exhibitors

We inform exhibitors not to sign forms for free subscription to professional guides of companies who do not know.
The International Association of Fairs UFI, of which HELEXPO is a founding member, announced that attempts to mislead exhibitors have multiplied.
These companies usually offer to companies found by official Exhibitors' Catalogues, free registration in a commercial guide in the internet.The form they use is similar to that of an Exhibitions’ Organizer.
Thanks to the 'small print' at the bottom of the form, unsuspecting exhibitors are affiliated to three years, non-retractable agreement, which is expensive and has no tangible benefit.
Debt collection companies from the European Union are also included in the above companies.
As an exhibitor, it is important to know that the above publications/companies have nothing to do with HELEXPO, the Official Exhibitions’ Organizers of UFI or their organizations - and of course, to protect yourself.
Further information can be found on the website of the International Association of Fairs UFI, while after the mobilization of Exhibitions’ Organizers and EU enterprises, instructions for canceling any agreements with such companies, were posted.