Ih the heart of Greece, we welcome you at Municipality of Lamia, a place of exquisite beauty and affordable entertainment!

Built between the Valley of Spercheios River and Maliakos Gulf, in a traditionally important geopolitical position in the center of Greece, Lamia redefines its identity solidly based in her great history and investing in building a modern community for the benefit of both citizens and visitors.

History, natural and cultural wealth are the main hallmarks of our municipality: the first Amphictiony of ancient Anthili, the paths of  Achilles and the historic battle of Thermopylae, the forest of Platanus ruled by the mythical god Spercheios , the mythical hero Hercules in the mountain of Oiti, the Byzantine Ypati, the legendary Athanasios Diakos who was killed at Alamana, the glorious bridge of Gorgopotamos and the holocaust of Ypati, as well as the natural treasures of Mount Kallidromo and Mount Othrys, complete the puzzle of a unique municipality that invites you to explore it.

Information: http://www.lamia.gr , http://culture.lamia.gr/el